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Dear Sinan

It is two weeks since we returned home and we still telling to all our friends about the wonderful trek to the Mount Ararat. So thank you and Anatolian Great Mountain guides.

Hope to be in another trek with Anatolian as soon as possible.

Ronen Alkalay

From the first moment we met Sinan at the airport we knew that we were in capable hands. He made sure that all our needs were satisfied. His friendly and alert manner guided us through the labyrinths of old Istanbul. However we were here for climbing Mount Ararat and Sinan’s enthusiasm and experience was instrumental in our summiting this beautiful mountain. I will recommend him to all my friends who are interested in doing the same.

Philip Ketchian & Elsa Ronningston (USA)

What an awesome trip! We booked with Anatolian Adventures in January and the arrangements since have been flawless. Prices are very competitive but we received much more. The transfers, accommodation, food, and cultural experiences were superb. The Mount Ararat climb itself was exceptional. The equipment, the mules’ transfers and food was superb. Enough cannot be said for this overall experience; it was the trip of a lifetime. Turkey was safe; the people were friendly. I believe Anatolian Adventures has no equal. I will return again; with thanks.

Daniel Froese / USA

My son & I had a very good time climbing Mount Ararat. Anatolian Adventures is first rate. All arrangements were well made (logistics, guides, food, etc.)

We had 7 on team plus 3 guides and 1 cook. Good acclimatization plan. Good sightseeing in Dogubeyazit area. All around great fun & experience.

Thanks to the Sultan 🙂 (SINAN HALIC)


There remains no doubt that Anatolian Adventures provides the best tour service in Eastern Turkey, if not the entire region. Sinan’s organizational skills and knowledge of the area proved crucial in providing a smooth on interesting journey to the top of the mountain and beyond, and every assistant added immensely to our experience.

Michael Nicholson

Sinan did a great job organizing and conducting the climb up Mount Ararat. The trip went amazingly well. His assistants performed their work very well. The extra day touring the country was very interesting and his knowledge of Turkey is incredible.

Robert Dormaier / USA

Anatolian Adventures provided the navigation needed through unfamiliar Turkish territory from the airport pick-up, through a challenging Mount Ararat climb, to a tour of the local sights. With an appropriate balance of wonderful humor to serious safety protocols, Sinan and his crew successfully oversaw the adventure of a lifetime.

Douglas Dedo / USA

Dear Sinan, It was a great pleasure for us to do the “triple dream of sacred mountains”. You and your team were very professional. You even managed the good weather on our summit day. We will recommend Abdullah for the “guide michelin” as best cook of South eastern Anatolia.

Best wishes for you and your team in the future.

Hans Joachim Mund

Our Journey to TURKEY (Istanbul-Nemrut-Suphan- Mount Ararat ) was a great success.

We thank the people of Anatolian Adventures,whose friendly and professional commitments made this beautiful holiday possible.

Yves, Rita, Walla, Sophie Staelens Wille

It was a great experience to climb Mount Ararat.

Axel Kettler (Germany)

Perfect organization and good food (thanks to Abdullah!!)The mountain took some power but gave back so much- I would do it again immediately!!

Thanks Anatolian Adventure Team!!!

Susanne Irmgard Kettler (Germany)

Our tour of the three sacred mountains, with the highlight of reaching the summit of Mount Ararat, was a dream made possible by Anatolian Adventures. We appreciate their expert and friendliness and would recommend them without hesitation.

Timo and Ilme Schlichting (USA-Germany)

We enjoy very much the visit and trek of Mt Nemrut, the climbs of Mt Suphan and Mount Ararat. The team of Anatolian Adventures did a great job making our trip unforgettable. We appreciate the friendliness of the team, the experience and their knowledge. We recommend Anatolian Adventures absolutely.

Heidrun Katharina Mund (Germany)

Together with Anatolian Adventures, we were at the summit of Mount Ararat on a ski ascent. The logistics were provided perfectly and in a friendly and Professional style.

The company showed a high level of flexibility to adjust our needs. A great experience!

Christoph Hobenreich UIAGM Guide, (Austria)

Robert Mühlthaler

Michael Losch

Christoph Müller

Sinan showed enthusiasm and great commitment to giving his clients a good service throughout the trip. His knowledge of the mountain and organizational skills were key to our success in climbing Mount Ararat

Alan Williams (U.K)

Excellent communication in the planning process via e-mail.(prompt replies) Everything was well planned and organized. Sinan and Apo were excellent guides on the mountain and fun to work and hike with. Sinan has excellent contact with local people which prove to be very helpful. Sinan and Apo’s insight knowledge about the local culture was extremely interesting. We loved our climb and the cultural program after it. We can highly recommend these reliable guides and Anatolian Adventures.

Uwe Lindenau (Germany)

Sinan’s sense of humor, experience and knowledge made the trip a very special experience for all. He shared his love of the mountain and gave us his friendship. There is no-one better to introduce one to the Mount Ararat region.

Cliff Jackson (Revd.) (U.K)

I was thoroughly happy with the services provided by Sinan and Anatolian adventures, and would personally recommend his services to family, friends and any one who is interested in a trip to Mount Ararat. I also look forward to another trip with his company again in the near future.

Fei Lee (Singapore)

Sinan Pacha,

Now I understand your motto: “Ever up” I got a chance to push myself to the limit.

Erik Fearn (Malaysia)

I felt Sinan and my guide both are very nice person! The tour of Mount Ararat was very good.

Ryan Tam (Hong Kong)

I was glad to notice that Sinan and his staff had one goal in mind all the time: To summit safely. Even in the bad weather they could guide us up and back without seeing almost anything. The decisions and changes to plan showed ability to innovate successfully when necessary.”

Timo Rantala / Finland

Thanks for the company and food! It’s always windy at the top. “ KIITOS!

Malla Juutilainen / Finland

Sinan and the rest of the staff at Anatolian Adventures made everything to make sure that our ascent of Mount Ararat was possible.”

Fredrik Johansson / Sweden

Hello! Expedition Mount Ararat with Anatolian Adventures was success!

All the arrangements were made with professional way and special thanks to our mountain cook “Apo” and his delicious food. Sinan “The Boss” Halic gave us also an excellent cultural experience with a good local knowledge. We don’t hesitate to come back! Thank you!

Pekka Hekkila / FINLAND

Mika Korte / FINLAND

Pasi Tanskanen / FINLAND

Satu Eckhardt / FINLAND

Markus Kallijarvi / FINLAND

Firstly thank you very much for your extremely generous offer for a free trip to Agri Dagi next year (hope I spelt that correctly!!). I was very disappointed not to get to the summit but felt that to turn back was the right thing to do under the circumstances and to not hinder the progress of the others in the group. Another word of appreciation to everyone involved in this trip for me – from yourself and Asli, Ahmet, Kemal our driver and Yusuf our local guide. They were always extremely helpful, generous with their time and patient with an unfit middle-aged foreign climber!!

I wish Anatolian Adventures and HTC all the success that they truly deserve.

Christopher Harnett (Australia)

It take several days to climb Mount Ararat and a whole life to describe the living experience. With Anatolian Adventures time doesn’t count. What it counts is experience. Thanks for all the team.


Excellent well organized trip, thank you. Cooks, guides and organizers did a wonderful job, especially when we changed the plans. Thank you for a wonderful holiday.

Marcus Geoghegan / IRELAND

Just a note to thank you for a very satisfying and enjoyable trip to Eastern Anatolia. The team worked incredibly hard to ensure we had a very satisfying time and provided us with good planned travel arrangements, good hotels, good transport and superb food. Thanks for a highly enjoyable and successful trip. We return home with very happy and positive memories of Turkey.

Philip Brennan / IRELAND

I enjoyed the trip and the challenge of climbing Mount Ararat. Seeing the local people and how they lived, and the scenery on our various journeys was very interesting.

Gerard Brady / IRELAND

An excellent trip. All Anatolian Adventures staff was very efficient, helpful and friendly. There was no problem when we changed our plans, went for the summit a day early, and then wanted to go to Tatvan. This type of flexibility was really appreciated by me.


It was great that the climbing guide was able to respond to the needs of the group and altered the program to suit. Excellent hospitality and great food.

David John Veston / IRELAND

All guides were kind, respectful and made their job splendid. They were helpful and

fulfilled at once all our needs and hopes. My wife and me arrange many sports events, but seldom we meet so skilled and optimistic guides & staff in camps. The Anatolian Adventures gets maximum points about organizing the climbing of Mount Ararat.

Mikael & Maria Miikkola / FINLAND

This trip and climbing was perfect! Guiding and food was also perfect!

I was very pleased what I have been informed by Sinan in advance.

Turkish people are very kind and took me so well.Hospitality was fantastic.

I will recommend Anatolian Adventures to all I hope I will come back later.

Jon Thormgrisson


The Organization and rhythm of the trip was excellent. The staff is personal and professional. As a tough to please New Yorker, I can endorse with great joy the work of you and your associates.

Robert Woodruff – New York USA

I want to thank Anatolian Adventures for a wonderful trip to climb Mount Ararat.

Everyone associated with Anatolian Adventures, our guides, our cook, our driver has been friendly, fun, professional and has taken care of everything we needed. In particular, Cagri and Oya have been wonderful guides and new friends, and Abdullah prepared the best food on the Mountain and cared for our every need.

If you are looking for adventure in Turkey, you need look no futher than Anatolian Adventures!

Christian Lilley

Our guides Cagri and Oya were very professional and on mountain cook abdullah top ustch. The touring: 3.5 days up and 1.5 days down was perfect. It was sufficient time to adjust to the altitude. I enjoyed the experience. It was my first time climbing a mountain over 4000 meters.

If a fit 54 years old man in only average shape can make it, then so can most. Thanks!

Lee HESS, Seattle- USA

Dear Sinan,

I safely returned to France … and to work, my mind full of the nice images of Mount Ararat and still thrilled by the fantastic experience I have had with yourself and a great team.

I wanted to thank you again warmly for the organisation and logistic of the trip (the excellent hotel in Istanbul !), all your good stories which enabled me – as a European westerner – to better understand the fate and challenges of Turkey, the good team you were able to gather (with Ohran – the guide, Abdullah – the cook (Ah the turkish delights !), Mahmut – the mule man and his son – can’t remember his name – sarfan ???). It was a true good time which I will remember for long.

Marc Babin

Dear Sinan, I would like to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU….

Without a doubt, the trek up Mount Ararat was a wonderful experience. The climbing guide, Ahmet, was outstanding. I couldn’t praise him enough. He was very concerned about our comfort, our needs, and our happiness, he paid attention to both our needs as an individual and group as a whole. He was friendly and knowledgable, and in his self-assured way, confidently organized our group and took us safely to the top of Mount Ararat and back. With any other guide, I am sure the experience would not have been so good. Besides that I would like to thank you for your patience….Without hesitation, I would recommend Anatolian Adventures to anyone who is serious about climbing Ararat.

I felt safe and well provided for every step of the way.

Naama Moshkovitz

Recommend the cultural tour day at the beginning of the trip as it happened for this one. Recommend Anatolian Adventures or someone develop T-shirts, hats, etc., that annotate Mount Ararat. Thanks for the equipment bag. Great job; enjoyed the trip!


Miguel (8 yrs old) and his parents Esther and Josep:

Opinion of Miguel & All: We have appreciated a lot the work & courtesy of the both guides: Ahmet & Mustafa & also Abdullah, and the rest of the Anatolian Adventures team that created a great atmosphere!

Miguel reached 4242 m. altitude on Mount Ararat and his personal opinion is:

1) He will come back in two years to reach the summit

2) The only thing that don’t like was that some porters weep the horses.

We will thank especially to Ahmet his personal dedication to us during this trip while we were sick. A 10 for him!


All those who assisted with this adventure were very helpful, courteous and kind. The accommodations were comfortable and nice. I was very impressed with the guides, with their concern for our safety and welfare. They demonstrated their capability to successfully lead us up to the summit and back down as professionals. The summit was spectacular. Thanks for the good food, duffel bag and an awesome adventure.


Anatolian Adventures went above beyond the call of duty to make our summit expedition a success, despite missed flights, lost luggage. For first time visitors, I recommend Anatolian Adventures to arrange all in-country flights, permits & accommodations. They have a good working relationship with the ministry of tourism, gendarme, and the local people. Under the guidance of Anatolian Adventures, I felt completely safe the entire trip & will probably bring my wife next year.


If you want to climb a special mountain, you need a special team. I’m sure that with Anatolian Adventures we will go any mountain in the world. Congratulations to all team: Cook, mules’ man, driver and the guides…


Dear Sinan,

I would like to thank you for the fine organization of the climb on Mount Ararat, I was very pleased with the work of Anatolian Adventures.



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