Ararat Mountain Equipment List

  • Ararat Mountain Climbing Equipment List
  • Rucksack small or medium (35-50 liter is fine since you will carry this small bag)
  • Ice-Axe (long – glacier walk type)
  • Crampon
  • Helmet (not all climbers use but we strongly advise for the summit day)
  • Harness + 1 HMS, 1 carabiner. (Not always needed but recommended)
  • Kit bag (duffel bag with minimum 80 liter capacity. Horses will carry)
  • Head torch, with batteries and lamps.
  • Adjustable, telescoping trekking pole (optional but strongly advise)
  • 2 x 1 liter water bottles (at least) or 1 bottle, 1 Thermos
  • Sleeping bag for -15C comfort in Summer and -25 -30 for winter minimum
  • Sunglasses (Very important – full UV protection)
  • Sun cream for face and Lips (we can share)
  • Personal Medical kit involving:
    • Blister Repair Kit
    • Water purification tablets. (optional)
    • Medicines for Diarrhea and Headache. Ibuprofen is also fine.


S: Summer treks

W: Winter treks and Skimountaineering

  • Leather Trekking / mountain Boots (Rigid base adjustable with crampons) S
  • Plastic boots W (only in winter)
  • Snow Gaiters S-W
  • Light shoes for camp and at base of mountain. (optional) S
  • Warm Socks SW
  • Warm mitts and gloves. S-W (Polar, Windstopper or any equivalent.)
  • Warm Hat S-W
  • Balaklava / Mask S-W
  • Sun hat, plus cotton head-scarf or “bandana” S
  • Rain goretex hooded jacket S-W (any other waterproof membrane is ok)
  • Rain goretex trousers S-W (any other waterproof membrane is ok)
  • Warm pile/fleece jacket S-W
  • Warm pile/fleece trousers S-W
  • Warm thermal underwear, top and bottom. S-W
  • Cotton shirt, trousers, and walking shorts (optional) S-W
  • Cotton socks, undershirt, and underwear S-W
  • Small Towel S-W

You can rent some of the Ararat Mountain climbing equipments from Anatolian Adventures. Each item is 10 euro for the whole trek.

  • Sleeping bag
  • Ice-axe
  • Crampon
  • Helmet
  • Harness

Anatolian Adventures Duffle bag for Ararat Mountain climbing equipments: 60 Euro (100 lt)

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