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NAME: Buyuk AGRI in Turkish, Mount Ararat in English

Turkey’s highest mountain Ararat, has a legendary status due to its geologic location and the fact that it is believed to have been the final resting place of Noah’s Ark. This peak, mentioned in the Bible, has several names in different languages, the main ones being Ararat, Kuh – i Nuh and Cebel ul Haristir.

LOCATION: Eastern Anatolia, near the border with Iran and Georgia, between the Aras and Murat Rivers.

Mount Ararat GEOLOGY:

  • Characteristics: Mount Ararat (5165m) is the highest peak in Turkey and Europe. It is a volcanic mountain made up of basalt, which changes to andesite lava around 4000 m. At the summit there is a glacier, and on the eastern slope is the Serdarbulak ridge, with Kucuk (Little) Ararat at 3896m. The height of Mount Ararat, along with its glaciers, geological formations, people, and mountain meadows covered snow has an alluring, almost magical appearance.
  • Mount Ararat Altitude: 5137m – 5165 m. (Different researches at past, claim different altitudes but we know that still changes due to the climate and ice conditions.
  • Activities on Mount Ararat: Camping, Trekking, Hiking, Climbing, Skitouring, Photography



Prof. Frederick Von Parat successfully reached its summit, which Marco Polo said no-one would ever climb, on 9 October 1829. The former president of the Mountaineering Federation, Dr. Bozkurt Ergor on 21 February 1970 made the second ascent. Thousands of visitors came in 1980, and ten years later climbing was banded but this was lifted in 1998 when the Mountaineering Federation gave permission to a group of climbers.

  • Mount Ararat Routes: Only South Face is available for legal permits.
  • Best Time for Climbing Mount Ararat: July to September. Winter climbing is very difficult but extremely rewarding.
  • Transportation and Accommodations: The Trabzon-Erzurum-Tehran International Highway winds around the foothills of Mt. Ararat and leads to Iran. There are regular air, rail and bus connections between Ankara and Erzurum. Dogubeyazit is the closest city to the mountain, easily accessible from Mt. Ararat and Erzurum. There are a number of restaurants and lodging places in the city and the surrounding area.

* Climbers staying at Dogubeyazit can make their final preparations for climbing here and continue by car to the village of Eli. After getting water here, the first campsite, which is at 2800 m, takes 7-8 hours to reach. On the second day, after a 4-6 hour climb, one can expect to reach the next campsite at around 4200 m. It is obligatory for climbers to be equipped with crampons, rope and ice-picks. It takes about 8-10 hours to reach the Mount Ararat Summit and to return to the first campsite at 2800 m.

  • Climbing Equipments: Crampons, rope (11mm), an ice pick and safety gear such as an ice-auger and climbing tape.

Summer Ascents: Sleeping bags made for temperatures of -5, -10 ºC, anorak, wind jacket, other camping gear and important supplies.

  • Mount Ararat Climbing Permits:

In order to climb Mount Ararat and / or Little Ararat, permission is required and it is mandatory that climbers begin their journey from the following points.

Ascents of Mount Ararat can only be attempted on the portion of the face that is within the district boundaries Dogubeyazit, and must follow the Dogubeyazit – Topcatan village – Eli Ciftligi route.

* Ascents up Little Mount Ararat may only be made along the northwest face. The easiest route in terms of communication and accessibility, and the most commonly followed one, is the southern route.


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Turkey is a fully secular modern and safe country providing the hospitality to all visitors as an aspect of culture of the anatolian culture.

Unfortunately there may be some misuse of the goodwill and trust, misleading the agreements in travel arrangements of some visitors like every developing adventure destination.

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